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About Dr. Levine

Dr. Levine has been supporting survivors of sexual violence and partner abuse for more than 15 years. Much of this work has focused on violence within and against LGBTQ+ communities. Across various roles, Dr. Levine has supported survivors and their significant others on confidential crisis hotlines; provided medical, police, and court accompaniment; conducted community outreach to raise awareness of interpersonal violence and available resources; provided professional development workshops to diverse audiences; and served on local and state committees. He has participated in LGBTQ+ capacity building efforts at multiple agencies, both as an employee and as an outside consultant. In addition, he has collaborated with professionals who specialize in serving LGBTQ+ communities to improve their capacity to identify and support survivors of sexual assault and partner abuse.

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Dr. Levine's background in teaching and research informs and complements his antiviolence advocacy. He has taught undergraduate and graduate courses in sociology, gender and sexuality studies, and criminal justice for more than 10 years. He received a PhD in sociology and graduate certificate in Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies from Temple University in 2018. His first book, Rape by the Numbers: Producing and Contesting Scientific Knowledge about Sexual Violence, considers the role of science in shaping understandings of and responses to sexual violence. Another project, "Sexual Scripts and Criminal Statutes," investigated criminal understandings of rape, including the manner in which assumptions about gender, consent, perpetrator behavior, and victim/survivor behavior are sometimes built into legislation. Building on his support for applied research, he has also published work on strategies for effective collaboration between researchers and community groups and institutions ("Engaging the Community"). Dr. Levine remains active in the field, producing academic work as well as research-based professional development workshops for diverse practitioners.

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