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Dr. Levine's research focuses primarily on sexual violence. He draws on literature in gender, sexuality, public health, sociology, criminology, and feminist science studies for this work, and engages qualitative and statistical methods. His projects have investigated conceptualizations of rape in criminal law, scientific understandings of sexual violence, and the prevalence of same-sex and different-sex violence among adolescents. His first book, Rape by the Numbers: Producing and Contesting Scientific Knowledge about Sexual Violenceexplores more than forty years of scientific work on this subject. He has also published original research on nonmonogamous relationships, intersex communities and human rights policy, and transgender identities and lived experiences. 

In addition to his independent research, Dr. Levine has taken part in multiple large-scale collaborative projects. He previously worked with an interdisciplinary team of researchers on HIV prevention among racial and ethnic minority LGBTQ+ communities. One of their main projects was Connecting Latinos en Pareja, a couples-based HIV prevention program. Another project focused on medical-legal partnerships as an approach to serving HIV-affected communities.


Dr. Levine also served for three years as a research assistant on the STEM Inclusion Study, which explored mechanisms of disadvantage facing marginalized professionals in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields.

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