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Dr. Levine is a fabulous trainer, educator and advocate!  As an advocate he is fiercely engaged in violence prevention work.  As an educator and trainer he challenges his audiences to consider the assumptions, biases and learned behavior they bring to their work.  It is inspiring the way he integrates research and personal narrative to create amazing "aha" moments!  You will leave his presentations transformed and better equipped to support and affirm all communities!

(Amy Hoch, Psy.D., Associate Director, Rowan University Counseling & Psychological Services,

Co-Chair, Sexual Violence Prevention Committee)

Dr. Ethan Levine is the absolute best in the field. I was ecstatic to have him as a guest speaker for my workshop series discussing Cultural Competency in Sexual Violence at Haverford College. Ethan’s natural zeal for advocacy coupled with his extensive experience as a researcher shined through as he provided insightful education on the subject matter. His ability to challenge his audience while creating a safe space to openly discuss sexual violence particularly affecting members of the LGBTQI+ leaves an impact. I was impressed to watch as he kept the audience fully engaged in a virtual setting. You will leave his presentations empowered, knowledgeable, and better equipped to support individuals of all communities. I cannot wait to bring him back again for my next series! 

(Silvie Drouillard, CCHW, Sexual Violence Educator)

I was thrilled to have Ethan Levine as a guest speaker on my panel for Rowan University's First Annual Mental Health Symposium. Ethan brought passion and knowledge about sexual violence survivor-ship to our student and staff audience, and truly enlightened individuals about the varying levels of sexual violence through an effective use of statistics, personal anecdotes, and research.  I would be honored to invite Ethan to present again to the college-his experience makes him an asset to any audience!

(Mandi Dorrell, CEO of Your Zen Self)

Ethan was great. He presented complicated and detailed info in a fun way that was both effective & engaging.

(attendee, professional development workshop)

From my layman's perspective, but also as a member of the LGBTQ+ continuum...I was highly impressed with your sensitive, insightful and comprehensive coverage of the subject matter, Ethan. You showed yourself to be both well-versed in and accommodating of the wide range of variation in sexual minorities, including not just kink but also polyamory and such in your coverage of the '+'. 

(attendee, professional development workshop)

A lot of great information presented in such an effective way! 

(attendee, professional development workshop)


Ethan was EXCELLENT and did a great job at meeting and educating all our different experience and knowledge levels. You're AMAZING! 

(attendee, professional development workshop)

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